Writing & Editing Services

Writing & Editing Service #1: consistency

I love detail. I enjoy the meticulous task. I relish looking for the small minute differences, changes, inconsistencies, in a rough draft; I was a big fan of Goofus and Gallant growing up–Highlights anyone?

With this natural tendency for noticing the small(er) things, I find myself to be a great set of eyes for written work and writing development, specifically as it pertains to consistency.

Did the writer always want an Oxford comma? Did the presenter want periods used, or never used, for their bullets? Did the directions specify a 2 pt or a 4 pt border on every visual? Did the guidelines say every heading was supposed to be centered? I want to know —

Now, these may seem like frivolous details, inconsequential aspects of one’s writing or a person’s presentation in terms of the grand scheme of things. Perhaps. It could be argued as less important than the content itself. However, I argue that good writing and a strong presentation are amplified when everything, even the smallest of details, is sharp–or sharpened.

As a result, whether I am with a student or a client, discussions on consistent style, formatting, language, and construction are required. Clear expectations and a cohesive style are paramount because I want everyone to have a final product they are proud to show off . . .

Writing & Editing Services

I shared earlier this year that I am adding to my portfolio here, and expanding my reach for writing clients.

I have a whole new page detailing what I do and what I have done. However, it was a laundry list of possibilities–shown below:

When I shared my page, and announced my availability, I got a lot of questions. I loved the questions because I love talking about my work! But I also noticed some repetition in what was asked.

Writing is everywhere, and we all have different needs, but we may not know exactly what to ask for–so let me take this opportunity to expand upon, and explain, what I do.

Writing services:

  • editing + thought partner: I edit written work according to need, topic, etc. And when I say “thought partner” I mean I am essentially your springboard. I am the outside person you can read to, I am the first look that can tell you the initial impression of the work, I am the one that listens as you think things through.
  • guest writing: I can contribute to your anthology, blog, column, etc.

Editing services offered:

  • copyediting: this can include basic editing corrections, like punctuation and spelling, but is generally more concerned with grammar, word choice, as well as the overall improvement of a written piece.
  • mechanical editing: this is my favorite–it is the meticulous look at grammar, coherence, and word choice. It is the assurance of consistent capitalization, word choice, and formatting. In academia, this also means adherence to formatting styles (APA, Chicago, MLA).
  • substantive editing: also known as developmental or content editing, substantive editing means looking at the big picture. I look for flow–does it make sense? I look for content and structure–is this the best format and order? Substantive editing regularly means providing praise, and/or recommendation, on the structure of the paper.

What can this look like?

Now, although this is what is listed, and shown, it is not all that I can do.

Obviously as the writing world evolves, I will evolve with it. As I get more types of written pieces, I will gain more traction into the nuanced needs of admission essays vs. dissertations, manuscripts vs. blog posts, etc. Finally, I am always looking for growth–perhaps you have a different manual or set of guidelines for your written work, perhaps you are writing in English and it’s a foreign language for you so you want more insight into how it has been translated, whatever the case: let’s talk about it! And if you have nothing at this time, I hope–that at the very least–reading and learning about the different types of editing made for an interesting read.

New Look/Additions

As mentioned in my 2023 resolutions, I am making a concerted effort to expand my educational profile and resume.

So, sticking to these resolutions, I am happy to announce a new page on this website — Writing and Editing Services.

This page has slowly been developed, edited, and revamped since the new calendar year. And, I plan to add more to it. I imagine I will add even more as questions trickle in, as the work evolves, as I grow professionally as well.

Now, I have always enjoyed the writing process.

I am *that* person–the person that enjoys rereading a paper, that enjoys discussing a paper, that enjoys going through the entirety of the revision and editing process to get to the polished draft. I was *that* teacher–the teacher that enjoyed teaching the mechanics of writing, that encouraged writing, that wanted to include more writing. In this way, it is no surprise that once I took some writing and editing classes for fun, I ended up with a certification and a desire to write and edit full-time. I’m not quite at full-time yet, but perhaps with this page I’ll get closer to that dream 😉

With that stellar introduction, make your way over to Writing and Editing Services — like the page, share with a friend, add a comment on what more I can add!