New Look/Additions

As mentioned in my 2023 resolutions, I am making a concerted effort to expand my educational profile and resume.

So, sticking to these resolutions, I am happy to announce a new page on this website — Writing and Editing Services.

This page has slowly been developed, edited, and revamped since the new calendar year. And, I plan to add more to it. I imagine I will add even more as questions trickle in, as the work evolves, as I grow professionally as well.

Now, I have always enjoyed the writing process.

I am *that* person–the person that enjoys rereading a paper, that enjoys discussing a paper, that enjoys going through the entirety of the revision and editing process to get to the polished draft. I was *that* teacher–the teacher that enjoyed teaching the mechanics of writing, that encouraged writing, that wanted to include more writing. In this way, it is no surprise that once I took some writing and editing classes for fun, I ended up with a certification and a desire to write and edit full-time. I’m not quite at full-time yet, but perhaps with this page I’ll get closer to that dream 😉

With that stellar introduction, make your way over to Writing and Editing Services — like the page, share with a friend, add a comment on what more I can add!

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