Things I never knew . . .

Installment #17:

Five things I never knew . . . until I became a teacher:

  • how to use a document camera
  • how to use a SmartBoard
  • how to use any online educational platform–for teaching
  • how to use an iPad–for teaching
  • how much I would eventually lean on all my technology learning to do everything


With so much screen time in remote learning, with so much time spent indoors, a walk around the block is probably the easiest, and greatest relief, for all of us.

And, if you need some ideas and inspiration for learning on that walk outside, here are some items to note, ask, or consider on your walks:

  • Read every sign together.
  • Find letters and numbers on a walk.
    • Addresses, license plates, political signs, street signs, etc.
  • Use a plant guide app, identify plants on your walk.
    • Plant species identification; read over the guides for plant care.
  • Use cardinal directions to describe your route.
    • We’re walking northwest, we need to walk ______ to get home.
  • Compare and contrast lawns.
  • Discuss make and models of cars.
  • Calculate lapsed time
    • It took 15 minutes to walk this block, 10 minutes to walk this block, what time will we arrive home?
  • Discuss what happened today.
  • Discuss the weather.
  • Discuss plans for the week.
  • Recite poems, song lyrics, favorite stories.

Generating a conversation means generating vocabulary. Discussing concepts reinforces conceptual knowledge.

I know we are all struggling to find the time and inspiration for learning; it’s hard navigating multiple platforms and sitting in front of a screen all day. So, allow yourself a break, and know that learning can still happen and still be fruitful even on a simple walk.

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash


Throwback Thursday!

Throwback to one of the years I taught 4th grade, to my favorite wall and bulletin board of that year–maybe ever.

Fun fact: I LOVE primary literacy, and I LOVE intermediate math — 4th grade math is one of my favorite subjects, subject years, I have taught.

Intermediate Math Board