Winter Break

It’s been a year unlike any other . . . we have earned our rest.

Turn off that computer, forget Zoom, and stay safe.

🍏 C is for Camacho will return end of January 2021 🍏


I have been expanding and extending my skillset, network, and experiences for over a decade in education. While each of placement and title has developed my character and practice, and each has given me their own unique pride and reward, I have to share this from English Language Fellowship program.

I am so proud and I am learning so much–and that’s the beauty of teaching and being a teacher, there is always room, space, and a place for us to continue learning. Find me, my new set of coworkers, my fellow educators, and more about my placement on Facebook @RELONorthAfrica.

Happy Election Month!

Like most Americans, I lost a number of hours of sleep over the past couple of weeks. I had the added layer and privilege of scouring my own campaign result updates, almost daily. While I anticipated some level of change, suspense, and news, I thought I would be available and able to continue all my work–with the same level of attention and detail I conducted myself pre-election. I was wrong.

As we continue on this saga, acquiring more final counts, more precise data, and a transition team, I am coming back here. I apologize for the delay — it’s been quite the month, and year!

Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

Happy Election Day!

To all my fellow voters in the United States, I wish you a Happy Election Day . . . possibly Election week or Election month! This year we’ve had record turn-out already, and I expect even greater turn-out today; so, stay safe — and make sure to take notes today for lessons and stories in the future, for our own kids and for our students 🤗