Omicron, Schools: What to do?

As I began to finally get back into a routine, I get a notification: the fifth largest school district in the United States is taking a pause.

Much of my educator community lives in Las Vegas, and works for Clark County School District. As the district and city that provided my initial educator start, that laid the foundation for my career, it holds a special place in my heart.

Reading about this, this pause, subsequently hearing from people about it, was hard. I don’t know what we can do–what we can collectively do that ensures a quality educational experience for all. What I do know is that this is not sustainable.

To anyone and everyone still in the trenches, know — pause or shutdown, online or in-person — I am in awe and thankful for all you are doing, and as for the rest of us: it’s time to find better supports and solutions.

COVID-19 Curriculum

As an educator, I’m always looking for the lesson–today and in the future.

What am I learning?

What learning do I want to pass on?

What added learning can I seek and create?

At some point during this pandemic, around April, it occurred to me that there would be a need to discuss all that was happening. That teachers would want and need a set of plans, guidelines, for discussing COVID-19, whenever they returned to school. This is, after all, history in the making; this is public policy, human rights, public health, economics, mathematics, psychology–every basic and higher level subject taught was available and tangible when I stepped back and considered what was shared in the news or discussed with family and friends.

In this realizing, I took on the task of creating lesson plans on COVID-19, which I discovered, as I started writing, were much more complex than I originally anticipated. So, I decided to make a complete semester-long learning path.

This has been hours of work and readings. It’s not done, but I have the destination and overall plan pretty much set. I have gone back to it and want to add more–there is so much that can be included, and with the daily rapid changing nature of it all, so much to be included or updated. Regardless, I have work to share with you.

I have work to take and to make your own. I have a COVID-19 curriculum for those interested in learning, growth, discussions, and plans. It has goals, it has themes, it has continuity, it has lots of room for reflection and discussion–two areas of development and need that I see most critical to our current climate.

I have worked to create something meaningful, impactful, and useful–for educators and non-educators alike. I’m still on this journey but I wanted to start sharing, to provide a discussion plan, to offer this tool for learning, now. I will update, hopefully, every three weeks or so–to add the rest of the weeks, and then circle back for more additions as needed.

For now, I have the plan, the mid-point, the culminating project, and the first portion available to you. I hope it helps provide a pathway for learning, learning we are all undergoing.

Available now:

General Explanations and Framework:

1 COVID-19 Curriculum–Overview

2 COVID-19 Curriculum–Unit Plans

3 COVID-19 Curriculum–Prework

Week 1-3

4 COVID 19 Curriclum_ Week 1

5 COVID-19 Curriculum_ Week 2

6 COVID-19 Curriculum_ Week 3

Week 4 — still in the works

Week 5

8 COVID-19 Curriculum_ Week 5


9 COVID-19 Curriculum_ Mid-point Exercise

Week 6-10: TBW (to be written)

Final Project

15 COVID-19 Curriculum_ Final Project

Much of this post was taken from the initial share of the curriculum here.