Why do I teach?

Installment #7:

I teach because I am creative.

I enjoy creative outlets and pursuits. I like to draw, write, color, bake, and paint. I can spend hours on Pinterest looking for imaginative ways to decorate any space. I enjoy making things colorful–bulletin boards, poster boards, banners, etc. I relish any task that provides creative leeway.

Teaching a standard doesn’t have to limited by a curriculum. A curriculum is a guide. Teaching is not limited to a standardized calendar of events and deadlines. Learning is not linear, nor is it steady.

Teaching does have limits. There are specific standards to teach, deadlines to meet, and tests to be taken. Nevertheless, teaching does allow for quite a bit of creativity.

I can read a single book, or many books. I can add books to a specific unit. I can teach the standard algorithm or a number of other methodologies. I can come back to a standard or leave it behind. I can reteach with a book or a project. I can revisit a standard today, tomorrow, and next week. I can provide a song to help my aural learners, a poster to help my visual learners, a dance to help my kinesthetic learners. Whatever I do, whatever I choose to add to augment, accelerate, or assist the learning experience is a creative endeavor. And these creative opportunities are beautiful. Teaching is a creative profession, and for that I will always be grateful.


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