Things I never knew . . .

Installment #14:

Five things I never knew . . . until I became a teacher:

  • how many calories are needed to stay alert and “on” all day
  • how many calories can be burned, just by working
  • how many calories I can consume at work, and still be hungry
  • how many calories are handed out to teachers (potlucks, gift cards, breakfast bagels, Valentine’s Day gifts . . . )
  • how many calories I don’t need or crave on the weekends

Black History Month & Gallery

Black History Month — these titles represent the depth desired for my instruction and learning.

These are good reads for me and good reads for my students. These books cross a range of topics, genres, and history. These books can be used in the classroom. These books can be utilized for personal reading; I do my best to make deliberate choices that ensure a wide range of titles, authors, stories, and voices are heard. Finally, I have shown these books because I recommend them; I have read them all and I can attest they have plenty to provide any student, any teacher, any reader.


Monthly Advice–February: Black History Month

Black History is not the history of slavery. 

I know you know, but not every knows this fact–so send this friendly reminder.

Black History Month is the history of the world. Thanks to the black diaspora there are black people all over the world. Thanks to this movement, involuntary and voluntary movement, there is black culture, black achievement, and black excellence all over the world. Black History includes the stories and contributions of African-Americans, American-Africans, Afro-Caribbeans, and so much more. Celebrate that richness, devote time to that diversity, embrace all that history.

Notable people to start with:

  • Nelson Mandela, Nobel Peace Prize Winner
  • Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Winner
  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Award-Winning author
  • Epsy Campbell Barr, First Vice President of Costa Rica of African descent
  • Bryan Stevenson, lawyer & social justice advocate–book (Just Mercy) was recently turned into a movie; founder of the Equal Justice Initiative

Notable movements and organizations to discuss:

  • Harlem Renaissance
  • HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities)
  • Black Girls Code
  • Black Sororities and Fraternities

This month, this year, celebrate all that is Black History.


January 30, 2020: Quote of the Day

“A child who is protected from all controversial ideas is as vulnerable as a child who is protected from every germ. The infection, when it comes-and it will come- may overwhelm the system, be it the immune system or the belief system.”

–Jane Smiley