End of the School Year . . .

Photo by Isabella and Zsa Fischer on Unsplash

There are some school years that make being an educator easy, exciting, fulfilling. The classroom and all its requirements, and all the personality in it, fall into place. As a teacher, as an educator, the craft goes through exponential growth as all the cogs in procedural, administrative, and professional development work seamlessly together, as so much of the support necessary to succeed is present and powerful. It’s just that good of a year–that year when undoubtedly made for learning, for growth, for teaching.

And then there are other years . . . where it feels like all you can do is stay afloat, and hope to make it to the end.

This year fell more into the latter. It’s been a whirlwind year–multiple detours, multiple junctures, multiple opportunities, all of which that didn’t lead me where I needed to be, where I wanted to be, where I could be the best version of me. But I made it.

As the school year comes to a close for so many of us, whether it was the best year, or the worst year, I want to congratulate everyone on making it another. As for next year, let’s take a break before we start planning and thinking about what comes next, okay? 😉

Monthly Advice–March 2022

It may be too soon for some, but hiring season for the start of next school year (August 2022/September 2022) is here.

My advice for this month: think about next year, now.

Whether you decide to stay at your school, your school network/charter/district, or the profession altogether is a conversation and critical conversation at that.

I think staying at a school is arguably easiest. The routine, community, expectations are known. Moving classrooms or grade levels can be done in a day, maybe two. It is arguably the safest route–safest in the sense of the known, the continuity of it all.

The hardest, without a doubt, is leaving the profession altogether–and this is a relatively recent choice, conversation, and common-enough occurrence of late to be a much more serious option for a lot more people.

Wherever you land on the spectrum of what to do, or what you’re considering, it’s time to think about next year . . . now.

Talk to colleagues, look at your contract papers/letters of intent, discuss it with family and/or friends, do what’s best for you and make a plan for next year . . .

February 22, 2022: “2” Activities

What an amazing day for math, fun, learning!

Primary Activities:

  • Count by 2s (practice)
  • Find the number 2
  • Name things that come best in pairs/groups of 2
  • Say everything twice today!

Intermediate Acitivities:

  • Create paired reading lists (i.e. fiction and nonfiction sets for the same topic)
  • Discover the significance of the number two (i.e research mathematical significance, cultural references, symbolism, etc.)

Seconday Activities:

  • Compare and contrast 2-22-22 with other similar dates (i.e. 7-7-7, 11-11-11)–What do people do? Are there rituals associated with such dates?
  • Design a marketing campaign for a business based on today’s date, or the next big date (date can be based in astrology, math, pop culture, etc.)
  • REPEAT: Discover the significance of the number two (i.e research mathematical significance, cultural references, symbolism, etc.)

Whatever you do, however you commemorate today, I hope you have a wonderful “Twos”day! 😉

Photo by Kim Gorga on Unsplash