Throwback Thursday!

Throwback to one of the years I taught 4th grade, to my favorite wall and bulletin board of that year–maybe ever.

Fun fact: I LOVE primary literacy, and I LOVE intermediate math — 4th grade math is one of my favorite subjects, subject years, I have taught.

Intermediate Math Board



Two summers ago I was involved in a career & technical program for middle school students–this specific program was designed for, and geared for, middle school English Language Learners. The premise and basis of the program: build language through career & technical learning.

This experience was everything; I loved everything about it.

Pictured below are final projects in one of the cosmetology classes–what do you think?

Career & Technical MS Summer Program–Cosmetology Final Projects


It’s still summer!

So I’m going to enjoy my coffee outside, leisurely enjoy it, while I still can . . .

IMG_5674 - Edited


It’s Women’s History Month! As stated previously, I am maintaining a bookshelf for myself of reads dedicated to strong narratives about women, strong narratives for women, strong narratives written by women. Here’s a look at what I’ve read so far:

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How’s it look? I’m trying to include a range of genres and topics as well as women with varied backgrounds. Any ideas for what to read next?


I visited my friend’s classroom and she had this posted. Brilliant right? Nothing like a clear measure of needed, desired, or expected volume in the classroom.