This year . . .

Over the summer I came across one article on the importance of diverse literature. This topic and concept has always been on my mind–I believe and advocate in culturally responsive teaching, culturally relevant pedagogy, and other tenets of multi-cultural education.

I have acquired knowledge through my university work, expanded my knowledge base in my teacher preparatory program, and finally learned by doing in the classroom. This applies to all components, and my understanding, of teaching and learning.

Now, this year, I want to make a series of posts, a category I will entitle: Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion.

Through readings, and research, I know I have done some, but I also know I have more to learn, and more to do. By sharing I hold myself accountable; furthermore, I help inspire others, help spread the message, and hopefully offer some ideas to guide us all in becoming better teachers–teachers more committed, now more than ever, to creating a welcoming space for all students.

Signing Day: How to Celebrate HS graduates

In Henrico, Virginia, USA, Henrico’s Career & Technical Education program, has a special, one-of-a-kind, celebration:

Letter of Intent Signing Day

On their website, and in the news, this school, and this program, believe that high school graduates who are going to college, or going to play at the collegiate level, are not the only students worth praise and recognition; upon graduation, “students entering the workforce with benefits that include, but not limited to, great pay, health benefits, retirement benefits, and even receiving continuing education benefits from their employer also deserve recognition.”

This year, on April 23, 2019, today, the event is scheduled to take place. It’s time to celebrate, and it’s time to consider replicating this ceremony at your nearest high school.

We have an urgent skills gap to fill in our country. We have great jobs, with great benefits and stability through all economies, going unfilled. Any person willing to learn a skill, and go to work, should be applauded. Much love to Henrico for recognizing a segment of students and graduates long underappreciated.

Teacher Gallery

Spring unit(s): life cycle(s).

Most famous life cycle unit: caterpillar/butterfly.

Pictured here is an actual butterfly my class released one year–they stayed for just a moment so we could admire them in a more natural state . . . magical.