Why do I teach?

Installment #12

I teach for the stories.

Now, this isn’t like Installment #9–this is not a nod or a reference to the stories I get to read; this is about the stories I get to live . . . because some of them are hilarious.

Remember “kids say the darnest things”? Yeah, there’s a reason for that saying — kids are hilarious, and blunt. Kids not only say the darnest things, they do the darnest things. And while there are times where I, as the teacher, have been at a lost for words–absolutely confounded; I, nevertheless, get to go to parties, dinners, any sort of get-together, with some of the best, most outlandish, stories.

  • Ever had a kid tell you a little too much about their parents’ . . . relationship?
  • Ever had a kid tell you exactly what their older brother or sister was doing . . . and probably didn’t want anyone to know exactly what they were doing?
  • Ever had a kid tell you how you look today . . . brutally tell you how you look?

I have–all of it and more–and they are among my best memories, and my favorite stories to share with everyone 🤗😅

🤗😅 I teach for the stories 🤗😅

Why do I teach?

Installment #11:

I teach because it is essential.

If there’s one thing I learned in the past year, it’s that there are certain professions and industries which sustain our entire existence; there are certain professions and industries that hold up the entirety of society.

Schools, teachers, education–we function, we thrive, thanks to the (public) education system(s).

I knew implicitly how much schools provided, but I don’t think I understood the reach or magnitude until the buildings closed, and the way of schooling transformed, overnight. And I know those who had no idea previously, were even more shocked.

Teaching is essential. And to be able to provide such an essential service, to teach, is an incredible opportunity and noble work–and for this reason, I teach.

Photo by Atikah Akhtar on Unsplash