Why do I teach?

Installment #12

I teach for the stories.

Now, this isn’t like Installment #9–this is not a nod or a reference to the stories I get to read; this is about the stories I get to live . . . because some of them are hilarious.

Remember “kids say the darnest things”? Yeah, there’s a reason for that saying — kids are hilarious, and blunt. Kids not only say the darnest things, they do the darnest things. And while there are times where I, as the teacher, have been at a lost for words–absolutely confounded; I, nevertheless, get to go to parties, dinners, any sort of get-together, with some of the best, most outlandish, stories.

  • Ever had a kid tell you a little too much about their parents’ . . . relationship?
  • Ever had a kid tell you exactly what their older brother or sister was doing . . . and probably didn’t want anyone to know exactly what they were doing?
  • Ever had a kid tell you how you look today . . . brutally tell you how you look?

I have–all of it and more–and they are among my best memories, and my favorite stories to share with everyone 🤗😅

🤗😅 I teach for the stories 🤗😅

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