What kind of school?

Nowadays there are many options for schooling.

I am a proponent, advocate, cheerleader, and believer in the traditional public school.

However, I recognize that families and students have other options, including:

  • online schools
  • charter schools
  • magnet schools
  • private schools
  • homeschooling
  • boarding schools
  • military schools
  • language schools
  • international schools
  • religious-based schooling

Families and students have the right to choose a learning facility, format, and environment that suits the needs of their personality and learning goals. So long as everyone is learning, so long as every child is welcomed and safe, I am happy and supportive.

Now I know that not everyone has the opportunity to choose a different type of school or schooling experience, costs and location being primary impediments. Hopefully, someday, the choice can be expanded. And, perhaps, schools could be more communicative so we can learn from each other. All these options means plenty of growth for every type of school! 😊



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