Teacher Tip #3

The theme of my last “Things I never knew . . .” post was sickness. Why?

It’s November–cold and flu season is upon us.

This time of year, I cannot stress this enough: stockpile tissues and paper towels.

Got a 6-pack of tissues? That’s not enough, get more. Got a 12-pack of paper towels? That’s not enough, get more.

Go to Costco, go to Sam’s Club, go wherever there are large packs and good sales. Ask families for more of these items–even if you have a few on-hand. This stuff goes fast!

Cold and flu season is here. Kids will come with coughs, fevers, and runny noses. Your co-workers will have the same. You may be afflicted with illness. You never want to run out, so start asking, and start stockpiling, immediately.

Whatever you do, make sure to have lots of tissues and paper towels.

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