Extracurricular Activities

Learning does not begin, or end, within the walls of our classrooms.

I’m here to say: encourage your students, encourage your child, to find an extracurricular activity whenever possible.

Extracurricular activities provide:

  • new learning experiences
  • added motivation
  • a chance to meet new people, and make new friends
  • added time and opportunity to process classroom learning
  • remediation
  • enrichment and extension
  • homework help
  • added exercise
  • more time outside, more play
  • an outlet for the imagination
  • a safe place and space for kids to do something productive until someone can pick them up from school

There is so much to gain, so much to learn, outside of the classroom. Find the right one to share with your students. Create new ones. Advertise the best ones. A classroom, a school building, is not the only place for learning–or fun.


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