Welcome Back!

On March 31, 2020 I announced a hiatus as I focused my efforts here.

April, May, June, a bit of July — a pandemic continues, a social uprising begins, and somehow we are expected to manage our personal lives as these two major events, as well as every other change, movement, and news comes along. Wow.

As we prepare for an uncertain future, in every realm, allow me to return to education.

Although no one knows for certain what classrooms or learning will look like in the fall, there will still be classrooms and there will still be learning.


I had long ago taken a pathway of learning and instruction that was focused on equity, diversity, and inclusion, and now it has gained the attention it always deserved. I will continue to intertwine this passion onto this platform. Of course, I will continue to add a bit of humor too–we need that in our lives, now more than ever. So, really, the only thing that will change is the addition of remote and virtual elements.

Remote/virtual learning was modis operandi this past spring, and it has unleashed the call for more remote/virtual learning–given our current state of affairs, we may go back to it, right?

Whatever happens, wherever we’re headed, I’m here — and happy you’re joining me.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

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