2023: Resolutions

The 2022 calendar year sort of ran away from me in terms of my educational profile and work.

I continued to expand my resume, learning, and teaching outside of the traditional classroom (webinars/professional development, DEI/DEIB advocacy through my social media platform).

I reignited my love and passion for writing and editing. I wrote on a variety of platforms for pleasure and practice. I provided editing services and/or coached students through the writing process–mainly the writing process for admission essays and dissertations; yes, opposite ends of the university experience!

I entered a new educational space (city/community programming), which challenged my pre-existing notion of learning, and planning for learning.

Life continued as planned. Life sent me to old goals and passions. Life provided me with new ideas and passions. It was a good mix, but it was a lot of change and flux that took me out of this space specifically . . .

Given this mix, a mix I have finally learned how to navigate and balance more appropriately, I am taking the opportunity afforded to us all at the start of the calendar year, and the midpoint of the academic year to all educators, to write a few goals tied to my 2022 experience.

This 2023 I plan to:

  • Make a schedule, and stick to it, for writing here on C is for Camacho
  • Renew all education licenses
    • Already renewed one at the end of 2022!
  • Attend an educational conference
    • Any suggestions?
  • Take one class or training on a subject, methodology, or technology tool that has interested me the past year
    • Any platform recommendations?
  • Continue to expand educational profile/resume

And so begins the 2023 calendar year, the rest of my school year . . . with reflection, with a little bit of the old and the new, with focused energy on continued growth and development.

Welcome Back!

It’s the start of a new calendar year, so it’s a fresh start for a number of us — it’s a midyear start or a semester start for many of us in schools.

As we begin anew, let us begin with renewed energy . . . I’ll begin: Welcome back, it is so good to be back writing, learning, and discussing all things education 🤗

Photo by note thanun on Unsplash

End of the School Year . . .

Photo by Isabella and Zsa Fischer on Unsplash

There are some school years that make being an educator easy, exciting, fulfilling. The classroom and all its requirements, and all the personality in it, fall into place. As a teacher, as an educator, the craft goes through exponential growth as all the cogs in procedural, administrative, and professional development work seamlessly together, as so much of the support necessary to succeed is present and powerful. It’s just that good of a year–that year when undoubtedly made for learning, for growth, for teaching.

And then there are other years . . . where it feels like all you can do is stay afloat, and hope to make it to the end.

This year fell more into the latter. It’s been a whirlwind year–multiple detours, multiple junctures, multiple opportunities, all of which that didn’t lead me where I needed to be, where I wanted to be, where I could be the best version of me. But I made it.

As the school year comes to a close for so many of us, whether it was the best year, or the worst year, I want to congratulate everyone on making it another. As for next year, let’s take a break before we start planning and thinking about what comes next, okay? 😉


Thanks to COVID – interest, availability, cost, and all other things have been in constant flux. Both webinars scheduled in January have been moved, my calendar has completely changed. But this is the world and life we live in . . . so here’s my new schedule of webinar presentations coming up!

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*For: How to be an Advocate for Your Black & Brown Students – click here.

*For: So You Want to Teach Banned Books – link/advert pending.