On Dr. Seuss . . .

It has taken some time to understand last month’s news saga and controversy around Dr. Seuss.

As an educator, as an avid reader, as someone committed to DEI and antiracism, I took my time forming an opinion and evaluation. I wanted to listen with intention. I wanted to consider disciplines and connections.

I ended up turning my thoughts and analysis into an article, and this article is currently being featured on Educate, on Medium.

I am thrilled to be featured, and I hope you will take the time to read it 🤗.

Inclusive Schools: Webinar

Next week is a big week! Along with teaching, tutoring, and writing, I will be leading a professional development opportunity for schools, and school leaders and staff.

This webinar has been a labor love. I have poured over documents, research, and ideas. I have done my best to compile all this information into something coherent, as well as something truly meaningful.

Like previous webinars, attendance does not impact my stipend, like previous webinars, I understand that it may be cost prohibitive. That being said, I hope you can join me, and/or wish me luck!

Interview Time — Again!

Earlier this month I received an invitation to speak about feminism, to speak on Women’s History Month, to represent both. It was a new experience for me: new group, new forum, and new interview style (I was given parameters, but not the questions or type of questioning upfront); I think I did well though!

For the entire episode, go to YUP! Women Breaking Barriers on YouTube, or their website; my part begins at 42 minutes 😉. Enjoy!

Diverse Literature Webinar: Round 2

Last September I was asked to present on the importance of (diverse) book selection. It was a new experience, it was a great opportunity, and I was overjoyed to talk about one of my passions.

Given recent events, and our return to school buildings, I was asked to re-present the webinar. I’ve updated some ideas and concepts, I have added commentary and insight; I’m ready for round 2!

If you would like to join in, to hear my thoughts, listen to some research, and engage in some dialogue, registration is available here. In addition, I know Education Admin Webadvisor has a litany of classes and presenters–so the link is worth browsing regardless, if you ask me.

Hope to see you there–and wish me luck!

**For equity & transparency: there is a cost, no pressure if you cannot afford it. Additionally, know that more attendees does not impact compensation. I will receive a flat payment and merely wanted to share so that if you were interested, you could attend 🤗

March 2021: Women’s History Month

March: Women’s History Month

March 8, 2021: International Women’s Day

It’s the time of year where we make an added effort, allot added time, to recognize the contributions and achievements of women throughout history.

This month I think it’s notable and relevant to discuss how women, always but especially in the time of COVID, have been instrumental leaders, and the backbone of our planet’s survival. Whether they led their country in incredibly successful containment and lockdown efforts–cheers to Taiwan, New Zealand, and more–or their gendered work (childcare, eldercare, sewing, cleaning, etc.) was the very reason we survived, women’s contributions–big and small–their assigned work and the work they chose, has always deserved more than we have given . . . so this month, make sure to add lessons, discussions, and more to the calendar, in honor of Women’s History Month.

Photo by Wisma Urcine on Unsplash