Remote Learning: Pros

We all have our complaints . . . and I have them too.

But are there are any good things about our current (mandated) remote learning?


Possible positive sentiments on remote learning . . .

  • No bulletin boards to maintain.
  • The weather doesn’t impact the school day.
  • There isn’t a line for the copier.
  • No school traffic–anywhere.
  • Learning for all–new systems, new platforms, new methods . . .
  • Shoes aren’t required. (I LOVE being barefoot!)
  • We’re building lessons and curriculum for the future.
  • A national conversation on the amount of work, and the true essential place of public education, has been thrust into the spotlight . . .

It was hard, difficult, to come up with this list, but I do like to frame things into a lesson, or a positive–whenever possible. It took some stretching and thinking to find these, but they seem reasonably uplifting. In other words, when I am most frustrated, or sad, I have something to reference on what I am gaining or enjoying, or what others might be gaining and enjoying, from this experience.

Do you have any other positive outcomes?

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