Remote Learning: Cons

Look, I’m not Pollyanna. I may have started with the positive, but I can be real too.

How has (mandated) remote learning (for all) been a difficult experience?

  • All day on screens. My eyes!
  • No walking . . . minimal walking.
  • Too. Many. Platforms.
  • Distance.
  • Loading.
  • Still loading.
  • Reconnecting.

What else?

I have tutored online previously–short segments with adult learners. It was a choice.

I have used online platforms as a center option, as a reward, as a form of enrichment, as a tool for remediation. Again, though, short segments of time and it was a choice.

This is different.

And what’s even more humbling? My scope of understanding is actually limited; I’m not teaching a classroom of kids, full-time. But I’m exhausted!

So, to all the school staff and families out there navigating forums, bandwidth, and distance: I see you. I know it’s hard . . . harder than I can even understand . . .

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

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