I’m Back!

As posted previously: I moved to Istanbul, Turkey. I had measured and budgeted to return here (to the website/blog) by mid-to-late September 2021 with lots to share . . . and I do have lots to share, I’m a little late . . .

My first teaching post in Istanbul was not ideal. I love living in Istanbul, but I wanted more than the weekends to cultivate a life outside of work here. So I looked for something else, and I found an incredible opportunity–personally and professionally; I am pursuing a position at the university level, a dream role.

In between my original post and my upcoming new post, I have some transition time to catch-up here, to reignite a discussion on classrooms, teaching, standards–all things education-based.

I hope your school year has started off a little less bumpy than mine. I hope your classrooms are progressing nicely, and that you are able to teach in a place that maximizes learning and growth–for you and your students.

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