Teaching Abroad: Take a Chance

I have always wanted to work and live abroad–outside of the United States. I had had a few friends do it and it seemed like such an amazing adventure, personally and professionally.

For a variety of reason, some legitimate (finances, career prospects), some less so (lack of partner support), I hadn’t done it, *yet*.

This past year it was my sole focus, my singular goal starting in January 2021: find a job abroad.

Once I had signed, and as time passed, of course I was nervous and getting progressively more nervous. There is so much unknown already, in any job change, but there are extra layers now–arguably even more with COVID. But if I can leave, I can come back. If I once learned a school system, if I once learned how to teach the kids before me, I can do it again–I have the capacity, the tools, and the experiences to adapt, grow, and learn.

It has not been easy. The first couple of months in a new place–anywhere–is an adjustment. However, there is such a large community of support in my own network, and within the new network that is forming through this experience. It’s not easy but I am learning and growing; I am learning and growing in ways I wouldn’t otherwise at home.

It’s a risk to do something like this, it is also a privilege.

If you are in a position to do something radically different, whatever that may be, I encourage you to do so; I truly feel that because I left to see and do something different, my entire practice–and my being–are being nourished.

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