February 22, 2022: “2” Activities

What an amazing day for math, fun, learning!

Primary Activities:

  • Count by 2s (practice)
  • Find the number 2
  • Name things that come best in pairs/groups of 2
  • Say everything twice today!

Intermediate Acitivities:

  • Create paired reading lists (i.e. fiction and nonfiction sets for the same topic)
  • Discover the significance of the number two (i.e research mathematical significance, cultural references, symbolism, etc.)

Seconday Activities:

  • Compare and contrast 2-22-22 with other similar dates (i.e. 7-7-7, 11-11-11)–What do people do? Are there rituals associated with such dates?
  • Design a marketing campaign for a business based on today’s date, or the next big date (date can be based in astrology, math, pop culture, etc.)
  • REPEAT: Discover the significance of the number two (i.e research mathematical significance, cultural references, symbolism, etc.)

Whatever you do, however you commemorate today, I hope you have a wonderful “Twos”day! 😉

Photo by Kim Gorga on Unsplash

Teaching Abroad: Take a Chance

I have always wanted to work and live abroad–outside of the United States. I had had a few friends do it and it seemed like such an amazing adventure, personally and professionally.

For a variety of reason, some legitimate (finances, career prospects), some less so (lack of partner support), I hadn’t done it, *yet*.

This past year it was my sole focus, my singular goal starting in January 2021: find a job abroad.

Once I had signed, and as time passed, of course I was nervous and getting progressively more nervous. There is so much unknown already, in any job change, but there are extra layers now–arguably even more with COVID. But if I can leave, I can come back. If I once learned a school system, if I once learned how to teach the kids before me, I can do it again–I have the capacity, the tools and experiences to adapt, grow, and learn.

It has not been easy. The first couple of months in a new place–anywhere–is an adjustment. However, there is such a large community of support in my own network, and within the new network that is forming through this experience. It’s not easy but I am learning and growing; I am learning and growing in ways I wouldn’t otherwise at home.

It’s a risk to do something like this, it is also a privilege.

If you are in a position to do something radically different, whatever that may be, I encourage you to do so; I truly feel that because I left to see and do something different, my entire practice–and my being–are being nourished.

Oh May . . .

My first year of teaching, at the end of April, I was told by a veteran teacher: beware of May. She didn’t explain why or what, she just said enjoy the rest of April because May isn’t easy.

Every year I have taught I think of her, and her warning. And while every year I do make it through May, it’s definitely rough.

This year I finished a professional development series–as the instructor, I had presentations, portfolios, and paperwork making me anxious the first two weeks of May, and then consuming all my time the last two weeks of May. On top of that, I presented my final education webinar, and I finished three large editing projects.

May is a month of celebrations, and deadlines. Culminating projects, and closing paperwork. It’s a big month in the world of education. So, I apologize for falling behind here, but I did make it to the other side so that’s something to celebrate, right? 😁

Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash