Things I never knew . . .

Installment #20

Five things I never knew . . . until I became a teacher:

  • spelling is inconsequential to understanding someone’s written work
  • grammar and syntax is inconsequential to understanding someone’s written work
  • print and handwriting vary–tremendously
  • writing is an art . . . an abstract modern art to be exact
  • my ability to decipher writing has no limits

Monthly Advice–March 2022

It may be too soon for some, but hiring season for the start of next school year (August 2022/September 2022) is here.

My advice for this month: think about next year, now.

Whether you decide to stay at your school, your school network/charter/district, or the profession altogether is a conversation and critical conversation at that.

I think staying at a school is arguably easiest. The routine, community, expectations are known. Moving classrooms or grade levels can be done in a day, maybe two. It is arguably the safest route–safest in the sense of the known, the continuity of it all.

The hardest, without a doubt, is leaving the profession altogether–and this is a relatively recent choice, conversation, and common-enough occurrence of late to be a much more serious option for a lot more people.

Wherever you land on the spectrum of what to do, or what you’re considering, it’s time to think about next year . . . now.

Talk to colleagues, look at your contract papers/letters of intent, discuss it with family and/or friends, do what’s best for you and make a plan for next year . . .


Thanks to COVID the entire educational landscape has been in constant flux, this includes a direct impact on training and professional development.

Both webinars scheduled in January have been moved, my calendar has completely changed. But this is the world and life we live in . . . so here’s my new schedule of webinar presentations coming up!

*For: So You Have A Student That Needs Phonics Instruction . . . Now What? – click here.

*For: How to be an Advocate for Your Black & Brown Students – click here.

*For: So You Want to Teach Banned Books – click here.

Summer Learning!

A repeat of all my work this past year–replete with additions, updates, and clarifications based on my initial presentation(s) and feedback. It’s been quite the July — and I still have a certification series to go!

Already presented (and available on-demand):

A series to go:

These webinars have served as a tremendous opportunity for growth. I have had to review what is most important to my work and research for every topic. I have had to play with technology and visual organization. I have had to rehearse definitions, arguments, concepts, frameworks, and possible Q & A. I feel more and more prepared, more and more inspired with each presentation–and I hope you can join me! Sign-up, and/or share this opportunity with a friend!

Can’t join? Not really something you can share now? Then provide me with added ideas as I move forward and keep presenting 😁🤗

Things I never knew . . .

Installment #16:

Five things I never knew . . . until I became a teacher:

  • that teachers actually worked over the summer
  • that teachers working over the summer are not just working summer school
  • how much work *I NEED* to do over the summer
  • that back-to-school catalogs come out entirely too early
  • how short summer actually is