Welcome Back!

It’s that time of year again . . .

Time to:

  • turn your computer back on
  • look over the schedule
  • get a glimpse at this year’s roster
  • meet a new crop of teachers
  • listen to new guidelines, themes, rules, etc.
  • rehash familiar guidelines, themes, rules, etc.
  • open new boxes
  • open old boxes
  • create bulletin boards
  • laminate
  • fill out beginning of the year forms
  • create student folders
  • rev up that copy machine
  • agree to every technology update
  • attend trainings
  • watch training videos

. . . it’s time to get ready for a new school year.

Take it day by day. Take it item by item. We will all, slowly, frantically, maybe a little enthusiastically, or little hesitantly, be ready soon enough.

June 4–August 1: Summer Break!

In the spirit of summer fun, and the need for a quality break after an eventful school year, I am pleased to announce that I will be taking a summer break.

C is for Camacho will return Thursday August 1, 2019.

Until then . . . enjoy some

  • summer slushies
  • fireworks
  • rest and relaxation
  • road trips
  • summer reading
  • tanning
  • hiking
  • camping
  • vacation

. . .  whatever gives you purpose and joy, and whatever your heart desires, go after it!

You have earned this time, take advantage of it.

See you in August 🤗🤗

End of the Year Checklist

Unless you’re a teacher, you have no idea what the end of the year truly involves.

Here is just a small sample of things that must be done in the final weeks (think 3 or less) on top of teaching:

  • input final grades
  • write report card comments
  • turn in report cards, adjust according to feedback
  • file report cards, IEPs, attendance, end of the year checklist, final exams, grade promotion, and any other important paperwork–and yes, file by hand
  • end of the year awards: decide, make, send out letters, attend
  • end of the year celebrations: promotions, festivities, graduations all require planning & clean-up
  • take down classroom (days’ worth of time)
  • clean entire classroom (scrub desks, wipe down boards and shelves, empty out drawers, remove all food from every corner of the room)
  • take home any personal items (the extra pair of shoes, your water bottle, the candy drawer–all that cannot stay over the summer)
  • return school property: books, curriculum, posters, manuals
  • return emergency items: first aid kits, emergency plans, emergency signs, etc.
  • end of the year trainings (WHY?!)
  • meetings and trainings for the next school year (Why? I’m not going to remember in 8 weeks what was discussed, or who I met!)

Optional, though often obligatory, or added joyful obligations:

  • signing everyone’s yearbook
  • creating an end of the year gift for students and families
  • attending added events–the ones not affiliated with your current assignment, classroom, or school (ex. former students’ graduations and promotion ceremonies)
  • end of the year celebrations with co-workers/other teachers

The end of the year is filled with a number of added layers of responsibility. It’s stressful, but on that last day . . . bliss.