Ms. Camacho

My name is Ms. Camacho.

Not Miss. Not Mrs. Not Mr.

Ms. Camacho

Camacho, rhymes with Macho–as in “macho, macho, man.”

Ms. Camacho

In the classroom my students have transformed my name into:

  • Mrs. Camacho
  • Miss Camacho
  • Mr. Camacho
  • Mrs. CaNACHO — and I reply “nacho, I don’t have any nachos!”
  • Miss Nacho — see previous
  • Miss Poncho — happened only once and I had no response other than over-the-top laughter
  • Miss Macho — and I reply by flexing and saying “Macho” repeatedly like a fool
  • Mr. Macho — see previous but add a deeper voice and even more exaggerated flexing

It’s a fun world in teaching, especially in primary, your name can take on a number of additions, substitutions, and alterations. 😝

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