Monthly Advice–September

Give yourself a goal.

What do you hope to accomplish this year? What do you want to learn this year?

We are wrapped up in student learning goals, their presence and the pressure around them, that sometimes we forget to think about our own learning. We forget to sit back and think deeply about our professional development. We also forget to take care of ourselves–personally and professionally.

I know we have observations, but they aren’t daily or weekly–usually.

So, I challenge you to give yourself a goal. Create a weekly or monthly goal for yourself. Create a singular goal for yourself. Do something that enhances your work. Do something that ensures you operate at an optimal level.

Say: This year I will . . .

  • make sure to complete all my lesson plans by Thursdays, so I can go home right away on Friday 😉
  • collaborate with another teacher on a reading unit
  • make sure that my student folders have two items per month
  • attend one professional development training, of my choosing, that is outside my comfort zone
  • schedule tests on different days, not just Fridays
  • park in the last spot to get more steps in
  • only allow one day a week to work and eat lunch, every other day I will just eat lunch
  • create a more diverse classroom library

The goal does not have to be lofty, or even completely teaching-centered.

What I desire is a goal that provides you the opportunity to enliven your personal and/or professional experience. Whatever that looks like for you, whatever you decide, I support you. So, go ahead, think of something–and go for it.

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