Diverse Literature Webinar

When you read and write and demand diverse literature—it gets noticed.

Last month, I was asked to create and present a webinar on Diverse Literature.

It was my first time leading a webinar—😮— and my first time on this platform. I was incredibly nervous. I knew what I wanted to say, I knew what I had to say, but this was a new forum and presenter experience; so, I didn’t know how to present it exactly, or how it would be received. I also wasn’t sure if my previous presentation skills would transfer, or what could transfer and how to adjust other elements.

I forgot to advertise about it here, but it’s still available! And, it got good reviews–so I have added evidence to say check out: Diverse Literature: How to Make the Right Choice.

**For equity & transparency: there is a cost, no pressure if you cannot afford it. Additionally, know that more attendees does not impact compensation. I received a flat $500 payment and merely wanted to share so that if you were interested, you could attend 🤗

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