Please stop . . .

There are moments in the classroom where you have to say the darndest things. In a classroom, it’s not just the kids–teachers say the darndest things.

Here’s a quick list of things that come immediately to mind, things that I have literally asked my kids to stop doing:

  • Please stop yelling.
  • Please stop screaming.
  • Please stop talking.
  • Please stop drawing there . . . or there  . . . or there.
  • Please stop drawing on that  . . . or that  . . . or this.
  • Please stop eating that (re: pencil, paper, paper clip, marker, colored pencil, etc.).
  • Please stop sucking on that (re: almost always a marker–what’s in markers?!).
  • Please stop shouting.
  • Please stop jumping.
  • Please stop sleeping.
  • Please stop picking at that.
  • Please stop scratching yourself.
  • Please stop putting your hands in your pants–and please go wash your hands.
  • Please stop picking your nose–and please go wash your hands.
  • Please stop picking at your teeth–and please go wash your hands.
  • Please stop kicking.
  • Please stop moving.
  • Please stop writing.
  • Please stop erasing.
  • Please stop playing with her hair, with his hair, with your hair.
  • Please stop eating your hair.
  • Please stop chewing on that . . . or that . . . or this.

It amazes me how much can be destroyed, chewed, eaten, scratched, said on any given day. It’s always an adventure in teaching.

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