Who works at a school?

When budget cuts come along, when raises are a point of discussion, when education is a topic at the dinner table, the focus is on teachers.

While there is no question teachers are the heart and soul of a school building, while there is no debate to the value of a good teacher, teachers do not work alone.

In a school, in any school, there are:

  • teacher assistants
  • librarians
  • deans
  • principals
  • assistant principals
  • counselors
  • custodians
  • speech therapists
  • occupational therapists
  • instructional coaches
  • directors
  • groundskeepers
  • maintenance staff
  • administrative assistants
  • office staff
  • managers
  • nurses
  • literacy specialists
  • math specialists
  • IT staff
  • coaches
  • school police
  • parent volunteers
  • curriculum coordinators
  • cafeteria workers — servers & cooks

. . . and this list is not exhaustive.

It takes a village to raise a child.

It also takes a village to educate a child.

When we speak of education, yes teachers are critical, but every adult in a school building has the power to change lives and to be a leader.

So the next time you start discussing a school, the next time there’s a debate on the state of education, take a moment to consider all the adults involved in education. Recognize them. Appreciate them. And most importantly, don’t forget about them.

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