Who teaches?

Since learning can happen beyond the school setting, there are many people outside of a school that are actually teaching.

So, besides teachers and school staff, who teaches?

Within the family and community experience, children learn from:

  • parents
  • guardians
  • aunts/uncles
  • grandparents
  • siblings
  • cousins
  • coaches
  • neighbors
  • babysitters/nannies

. . . and this list is not exhaustive. This is a sampling of a child’s most likely, and most immediate circle.

Children are sponges–they are learning from cashiers and sales associates while we are shopping; they are learning from waiters and waitresses while we are dining at restaurants; they are learning from our friends while we are visiting our friends.

It takes a village, there’s a village at every school, and a village surrounding us. Take advantage and appreciate every person that is contributing to our own, and our kids’ education.

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