Where can I learn?

A school is not the only place for learning. In fact, it is hardly the only place where children, and adults, can gain new knowledge.

Learning happens at:

  • museums
  • zoos
  • playgrounds & parks
  • theaters
  • galleries
  • festivals & fairs
  • parties
  • summer camps
  • national and state parks
  • aquariums
  • farms
  • libraries
  • community centers
  • grocery stores

. . . and this list is not exhaustive.

Perhaps it’s the primary origins of my teaching career, but I have seen, and I have capitalized, on the most random teaching moments.

There is always something to learn. There is always something to teach.

Everywhere, children are learning social norms, basic etiquette, and manners. If they attend events or places that teach them about other cultures and history, they are learning new norms and customs as well as gaining a more global perspective.

Learning is not just reading, writing, and arithmetic. When you go somewhere, look around and see the potential in your visit–maybe it could be the next great field trip or unit of study!

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