Monthly Advice–October

In September, hopefully, some time was taken to document and catalog initial impressions.

In October, it’s time for an added focus on grading and assessment data.

  • Go over your gradebook and make sure every child has grades in every subject.
  • Make sure your pile of grading is low, if not complete. If necessary, start making daily goals for grading.
  • Go over your roster and make sure every child has taken every diagnostic.

This may sound ridiculous but it’s a good reminder.

School has been in session for nearly two months, but the first couple of weeks are hectic. Then, some kids start late, some have already left, some have switched classes, and some have been absent. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Not to mention piles of grading grow–faster than anything else.

So in October, make it a point to go through each subject and each student’s profile.

  • Create a schedule and stick to it.
  • Take notes on what’s missing.
  • Get to that pile of grading.
  • Start writing some report card comments.
  • Send home progress reports.
  • Revamp small groups based on assessment data.

The gradebook is a databook. The gradebook is the book for kids, families, and supervisors.

Assessment data is worthless if it’s not used. Use it. Grading needs to get done. Get it done.

This month, take the time to look over grades and data, make sure it’s neat, ordered, and caught up because November and December are filled with events, breaks, and vacations. Do more now so you’re not rushed or stressed later.

In October: focus as much energy as possible on grades and data.

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